Meet our Team - Hazieqah Ismadi

Every week, we receive many applications from fresh graduates seeking their first employment. From half-hearted one-liner emails to full-fledged including all certificates of attendance to sending the HR Team daily messages, we've seen it all. However, what catches our eye would be the way the candidate makes his application stand out among the rest.

This week in Meet our Team, we speak to Hazieqah Ismadi, our HR & Accounts Assistant, who joined Protenga after graduation with a Degree in Human Resources Management at Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM). When we advertised for the position, Hazieqah caught our eye when she coolly submitted her documents in a way that made the Recruitment Team go, "Whoa!" We invited her for an interview, asked her technical questions, and she made history by being the first one to be hired on the spot by the Management.

By the way - between you and me, Hazieqah shared with us her shock when she learned her peers employed in HR (in other companies) are using paper for their HR works, while Protenga has gone fully paperless, making Hazieqah's life easier ;)

Read on our chat with her:

Q: What do you do in Protenga?

Hazieqah: I am the HR & Accounts Assistant. In HR, I assist in the full spectrum of HR, recruiting & staffing, orientation, payroll, employee wellbeing, training, and administration activities. In Accounting, I assist to ensure all of our bills are paid on time, manage bookkeeping activities to make sure the company's accounting books are proper.

Q: That's a lot on your plate! What do you enjoy most about working here?

Hazieqah: I enjoy the process of learning the most. You will have to start somewhere to know something and in the process of learning, you will eventually make mistakes, but that is how real learning is; you make mistakes, you learn, and you grow.

Q: What are the challenges and how do you overcome them?

Hazieqah: There definitely are challenges. Other than my daily works, there will be times where I would get ad-hoc tasks that are urgent and need to be completed by end of the day. I would prioritize my works by listing out the most important to less important tasks and do my best to complete the list one by one. If I can't complete it by that day, I will work on them again the next day and aim to complete it.

Q: Tell me about the skills you have gained here on the job. How do they help you in your career development?

Hazieqah: I think the most precious skill that I've learned in Protenga is proactivity, the ability to think critically and take initiative. Working in Protenga, I have been taught to not just think about how to complete the works, but also to question the risks or challenges behind it, and how the process can help me complete my work better. For me personally, proactive also means thinking of questions and finding answers. We're all free to ask questions, but I like to think about solutions myself too on how to solve the problems with my way at my own pace. I think this is a good skill that will help me in my career in the future.

Q: What advice would you like to give to other fresh graduates who are also finding and building their career pathway?

Hazieqah: Many people have said that fresh graduates should grab any chances they get for their first job since it is only a first job after all. But, for me, I would say to grab what gives you more chances in building your career. The first experience is important to lead you somewhere. It starts with asking yourself where you want to go and where you want to be - we all need a goal! Then you will see where it will lead you, whether you should take the chance or not. The first decision is important but if halfway through you find that it was not a good decision, there's no harm to start again. Life is a learning journey!

Hazieqah assists the HR & Accounts team, the skeleton of our companies. We're confident the skills she learned here would be a great asset to her kicking off her career.

Are you like Hazieqah, ambitious to build something sustainable of your own so early in your career? Protenga supports you, and you get to play a part in Making Insects Work For Everyone! Reach out to us directly at - tell us your passions, what you want to build and why Protenga!

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