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Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Engineering is all around us, everywhere, every day! A proficient engineer starts somewhere, building his skills not only in constantly doing the same thing but also in the training of the mind to grasp the unknown. As they say, a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor - and in our case, as long as our junior "sailors" know the sea is rockier than it is ever peaceful, we'll take them on the trip with us!

In this week's Meet our Team, meet Nazafi Hamid, our Junior Design Engineer, who graduated from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. He joined us as our Engineering intern last year. Naza impressed us with his design skills and out-of-the-box thinking during his internship, we offered him the full-time position with us right after.

Internship at Protenga promises an experience like no other - our engineering interns work on their own projects along with taking responsibilities from existing bigger projects working and contributing as an individual and also interacting with team members from different domains of engineering, biology and operations. Naza has demonstrated his abilities through his ownership and diligence and impressed us with his sketching, designing and hands-on skills.

Read on about what it's like for Naza, intern-to-employee with us!

Q: What do you do in Protenga?

N: I'm a junior mechanical design engineer. My primary task is to develop designs using CAD software ranging from conceptual sketches to detailed technical drawings ready for fabrication and execution. On top of that, my responsibility is also to provide support for engineering project management activities across the business units.

Q. You first joined us as our Engineering intern, and now you're an employee! What's it like starting your career with Protenga?

N: Exciting! Getting promoted right after the internship is a wholesome experience where you know your hard work getting appreciated by the company. My internship experience was a steep learning curve and still is until this very day. Looking forward to more to come.

Q. Throughout your course of study, has it ever come across to you that you will be designing systems and machines for insect tech?

N: Well.. No, to be honest! Who would've thought that my many years of engineering school would be spent to develop and improve insects farming systems! However, that is the sole purpose of engineering: to solve real-world problems!

Q. We're an innovative team. You have helped the team in building, creating innovative equipment from scratch. How's the process of contributing to the ideas for you?

N: Ideas and inspirations often come from disparate sources, you need to be observant to be able to appreciate and learn from designs and ideas around you. The first step in solving problems is identifying the problem itself. It is vital to first observe, research and brainstorm on ideas, prototype and design experiments to gather more clarity and data points before you can dive into a full engineering solution.

Q. What are your current professional goal that you wish to achieve?

N: I would like to develop my technical skills to ensure I will be a better engineer. At the same time, improve my soft skills too to grow professionally and improve my teamwork abilities. I'm also looking forward to becoming a certified engineer soon!

We certainly root for you, Naza! Naza's work and designs help us innovate better and quicker. He's on his way to be a skilled design engineer ;)

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