Protenga has developed systems and processes for efficient conversion of a broad range of organic materials into high-quality insect biomass.





Informed by rigorous research, science, engineering and our production model, our systems are designed in a modular and scalable way. Both our operations and on-going R&D initiatives are structured in four distinct domains:

  1. Feedstock preparation (ReFood): mechanical and microbial optimizing of the input material for use as insect feedstock
  2. Reproduction and Breeding: providing supply of highly efficient young larvae
  3. Bioconversion: systems and processes to grow our larvae efficiently under optimal, hygienic, controlled conditions
  4. Product Manufacture: The processing and QC of the harvested larvae and frass into our Hermet product line and further downstream products.


We deploy our technology systems through our DIBS facilities – distributed Insect Bioconversion Systems – these distributed production systems have a target capacity of 5-30 tons of input per day and are based in proximity to local biomass sources in production clusters for increased efficiency and resilience. We are currently focused on building our first production cluster in Malaysia. Please contact us if you would like to learn more.