Making Insects Work For


Insect Products

We make insects work for your fish, pets and crops.

Harnessing the power of Black Soldier Flies with our unique production technology, Protenga produces sustainable, reliable and high-quality

protein, oil and frass products

for feed and fertiliser at affordable prices under our Hermet brand.

Insect Technology

We make insects work for your biomass.

Protenga has developed a next-generation Smart Insect Farm™ system that makes insect innovation accessible to valorise a range of agricultural and food manufacturing by-products into fully traceable insect protein. Our unique technology makes insect innovation simple, reliable, profitable and worry-free for you.

Our Purpose

We make insects work for a sustainable food system.

Insects are nature's primary recycler and a

foundation of the food chain. We are re-thinking insect farming through our technology-driven ecosystem approach to

realise the full potential that insects have towards a safe and circular food system in balance with nature. 

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