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Hermet Protein for Aquaculture

Protenga's Hermet Protein for Aquaculture is a high-quality defatted insect protein meal for aquaculture, produced from sustainably farmed Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens) larvae. It is designed for maximum digestible protein and amino acids to meet the nutritional needs of demanding aquaculture species.


But there is naturally more than nutritional goodness: Hermet Protein for Aquaculture is specifically designed to increase palatability and attractiveness of the feed and improve health and stress resilience especially for crustaceans and carnivorous fish.


It is fully traceable and produced reliably year-round creating a sustainable ingredient supply opportunity to support feed millers and farms in the transition to a sustainable and fully marine-ingredient-free aquaculture practice.


CASE STUDY: To test the attractiveness and palatability of Hermet Protein for Aquaculture, we formulated and tested a sinking feed for crayfish together with our trial partner. As control, the usual crayfish diet was placed next to the Hermet Protein feed.


Both first responses as well as 12-hour observation demonstrated a clear preference for the Hermet Protein diet with no traces left behind, while some of the control was remained uneaten.

Hermet Protein is registered with the Animal Feed Act under Dept of Veterinary Malaysia and available for export and use in a wide variety of regions.


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Available in 25 kg bags

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Knowledgeable product team ready to support you with product information and smooth export, logistics handling

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Product and export documentation available (e.g. Product Sheet, nutritional analysis, MSDS, etc.)

Simply irresistible: A crayfish picking up a feed formulation including our Hermet Protein - and back into its home with the feast.

Product Sheet

Hermet Protein for Pets (Whole Meal) is a sustainable, natural, high-quality protein feed meal produced from 100% farmed Black Soldier Fly larvae, Hermetia illucens with increased protein content and minimally processed

High in animal protein, easily metabolize fats, antimicrobial chitin and minerals.

Fully traceable and safe, indoor-farmed under controlled conditions.

Available from 100% plant-based feedstock, no competition to human food.

Hermet Protein can be leverage in premium pet food applications where high-quality, sustainable, minimally processed animal protein and amino acids are required as a key ingredient.

Advantages of
Hermet Protein for Aqua

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Enhances immune system for aquaculture, improving innate resistance to diseases and parasites

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Increased growth rates of fish with insect feed inclusion, improving FCR

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Nutrient-dense: high in protein, essential amino acids, lipids, easily metabolised and digestible

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Better water quality, cleaner environment - insects in aquafeed allow higher assimilation of nutrients, reducing aquaculture waste and water pollution

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Reliable, responsible, and traceable  insect production is Protenga's mission in Making Insects Work For You, feeding aquaculture sustainable, healthier protein


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Hermet Protein for Aquaculture is the natural, healthier and sustainable protein choice for aquafeed applications to improve FCR, feed intake, fish health, vitality, growth and the environment.

It has a pleasant smell and comes as a free-flowing powder with even particle size distribution and can be readily included into standard extrusion and pelleting feed manufacturing processes. It has good binding and expansion properties and can contribute to physical quality of the compound feed.

It can be successfully used at inclusions between 0.5-5% in commercial formulations for crustaceans such as whiteleg shrimp, tiger prawn, crayfish, and lobster, carnivorous fish such as trout, salmon, barramundi, grouper, and tuna as well as many other popular as well as more niche tropical species.

Contact our experienced product team to explore how Hermet Protein for Aquaculture can support your feed and product strategy.

Proximate Analysis

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Our team has extensive nutrition, formulation and marketing expertise as well as experience in processing and inclusion of our products in a wide variety of applications. And if you have a novel idea, we would be even more thrilled to explore it with you. Our team is committed to make insects work for you to create the most pioneering, natural and sustainable products.

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