Making Insects

Work Through Technology

Our Smart Insect Farm™ Technology - We help pioneering companies to valorise their waste biomass into sustainable protein. Introducing Protenga's next generation, industrial-grade, data-driven insect farming system.

Our next-generation insect farm is the most efficient method to recapture nutrients from organic waste into valuable insect protein. Our systems are modular, can be deployed quickly, is built-to-last and operates with minimal labour. Mechanised and fully-automated versions are available, all supported by our world-class software, breeding and processing services. Contact us to find out the value of your biomass (currently limited to Malaysia and Singapore)

Smart Insect Farm™



Smart Insects - it's in the genes. Protenga works with world-leading animal geneticists and microbiologists to deliver the best strains of insects and microbes for each waste material. Together with our partners, Protenga has developed unique biomass, zootechnical and micro-biological expertise around the insect bioconversion and fermentation process that we bring into our solution design for each of our projects to ensure optimal process performance and stability.

Insect OS -

software control

Robust engineering provides the foundation of our decentralised insect farm solution. Protenga is developing our Insect OS layer that encompasses sensing, IOT, and smart controls to monitor, manage, and control all aspects of the farm process and enable continuous bioconversion improvement. Our process recipes are tailored to the specific biomass mix of your site - they are the secret sauce to deliver optimal efficiency and yield for you.

Making Insects Work for Your Biomass

We have designed and engineered our Smart Insect Farm™ to do the work for you. We offer a simple solution and provide all the support you need to maximise the value of your biomass without excessive cost or effort - using technology to follow nature's example.

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Our team has engineering, biology, commercial and project development know-hows and we would be delighted to explore how we can make insects work for you to valorise your biomass and create a circular food system together