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Making Insects
Work For


We are committed to making insects work for you.


We pride ourselves in serving some of the leading farmers and companies to drive sustainable product innovations and produce better, more natural and sustainable food products. 

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Hermet Protein

Protenga's Hermet Protein is a high-quality insect protein meal for pet food and aquafeed applications. It is produced by gently processing sustainably farmed Black Soldier Fly larvae. The nutritional profile, amino acid composition and functional properties make it ideally suited for pet food, as well as shrimp, fish, and poultry feed.

hermet protein

Hermet Oil

Protenga's Hermet Oil is an insect oil rich in medium-chain fatty acids and provides easily digestible lipids for early-animal nutrition particularly in piglets, chicks, and shrimp. It also excels as an attractant in oil coating blends for pet food and aquafeed to simulate palatability and feed intake.

hermet oil

Hermet Frass

Our Hermet Frass is a pure organic fertiliser full of organic matter, chitin and minerals made from insect castings, sheddings and fibers. It restores and regenerates the soil and its micro-organisms, improves the plant's natural defenses and helps to produce nutritious, healthy crops.

hermet fertifly frass


YumGrubs is Protenga's pet food division and develops extraordinarily sustainable, healthy, natural and yummy pet foods based on our Hermet Protein and Oil products, with a blend of locally-sourced Asian ingredients. Our first product, YumGrubs for Dogs, is available for retail sales via Please contact us for distribution and wholesale enquiries.

Learn more about our Insect Products

Our team has extensive nutrition, formulation and marketing expertise as well as experience in processing and inclusion of our products in a wide variety of applications. And if you have a novel idea, we would be even more thrilled to explore it with you. Our team is committed to make insects work for you to create the most pioneering, natural and sustainable products.

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