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Hermet Protein for Poultry

Protenga's Hermet Protein for Poultry is a high-quality insect dried larvae for poultry, produced from sustainably farmed Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens) larvae. It is designed for maximum digestible protein and amino acids to meet the nutritional needs of all poultry stages.


But there is naturally more than nutritional goodness: Hermet Protein for Poultry is specifically farmed to increase growth rates, improving health and stress of poultry, especially in closed-farm environment.


It is fully traceable and produced reliably year-round creating a sustainable ingredient supply opportunity to support feed millers and farms in the transition to a sustainable and fully marine and soy-ingredient-free poultry practice.

CASE STUDY: We formulated a chicken feed diet with Hermet Protein for Poultry as added inclusion to observe if our diet improves the health, growth, and mortality of the chicks.

Our preliminary observations reported chicks loving the insect-included diet, with steady growth rates, lower mortality rate as well as better appearance of feathers. Using Hermet Protein for Poultry also allows a reduction of antibiotics usage with its nutritional properties.

Hermet Protein is registered with the Animal Feed Act under Dept of Veterinary Malaysia and available for export and use in a wide variety of regions.

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Available in 25 kg bags

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Knowledgeable product team ready to support you with product information and smooth export, logistics handling

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Product and export documentation available (eg. Product Sheet, Nutritional Analysis, MSDS, etc)

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Insects encourage flock's instinctive behaviour to forage for insects

Product Sheet

Advantages of
Hermet Protein for Poultry

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Digestible - improves gut microbiota, in poultry reduces manure output and farm manure management

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Natural - an ancestral diet for animals, especially poultry, stimulating its natural instinct to forage for insects, improved welfare and behaviour

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Increases the immunity of flock, survivability of chicks, better resistance against diseases, less dependence on antibiotics

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Increased growth rates of chicks with insect feed inclusion, improving FCR

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Contains essential fatty acids, improving the health and productivity, longevity of laying hens.


Hermet Protein for Livestock is the healthier, sustainable protein choice for livestock and poultry feed application.

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Particularly for poultry in laying hens, Black Soldier Fly larvae intake has been found to lower the cholesterol level of eggs laid. Stimulating activity, feeding insects also improves the flock's welfare and behaviour, reducing feather-pecking and lameness.

Use as a supplementary ingredient to your livestock feed, or a new single-animal protein animal feed. Suitable for all livestock - poultry, ruminant, and swine. For more information, download our Product Sheet.

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Our team has extensive nutrition, formulation and marketing expertise as well as experience in processing and inclusion of our products in a wide variety of applications. And if you have a novel idea, we would be even more thrilled to explore it with you. Our team is committed to make insects work for you to create the most pioneering, natural and sustainable products.

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