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Making Insects
Work For

Your Crops

Hermet Frass Fertiliser

Our Hermet Frass is a pure organic fertiliser full of organic matter, chitin and minerals made from insect castings, sheddings and fibers. It restores and regenerates the soil and its micro-organisms, improves the plant's natural defenses and helps to produce nutritious, healthy crops.

Hermet Frass users happily feedback an increase in their yield when switching or use as a supplementary to their usual plant fertilisation. In addition, they report absence or reduction of pests (garden snails, white ants, mould), visibly less weed, quicker maturity of fruits and bigger, greener leaves.

Suitable for all types of crops.

Hermet Frass follows the Malaysian Organic Fertilizers Standard MS 1517:2012

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Available in bulk and 25kg, 50kg

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Nematode and Pathogen-free Tests

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MSDS available and Export-ready

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Fertiliser and soil ammendment for plant growth and soil health.

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High carbon content, enhancing soil fertility.

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Contains chitin, improving plant's natural defense against pests and diseases.

Acts as bioremediation for contaminated soil against agro-chemicals and heavy metals.

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For all types of plants!

Flowers, fruits, grass, and leafy plants. 

Recommended 250g per m2 for top dressing, or incorporated into soil at 2.5 tonnes per hectar. Product available in pellets or natural powder. For more information, download our Product Sheet.

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Macro Nutrients

Interested in a Trial?

Contact for Trials

Our passionate and knowledgeable team is happy to understand your specific application and soil context and design customized trials to demonstrate the value of our Hermet Frass for your specific context. We are committed to making Hermet Frass work for you!

Protenga is also working with the Malaysian Department of Agriculture to demonstrate the value of Hermet Frass products in a variety of applications through a strategic partnership to promote good soil practices and regenerative farming.

Field Application Outcomes

Learn more about our Insect Products

Our team has extensive nutrition, formulation and marketing expertise as well as experience in processing and inclusion of our products in a wide variety of applications. And if you have a novel idea, we would be even more thrilled to explore it with you. Our team is committed to make insects work for you to create the most pioneering, natural and sustainable products.

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