Our Hermet Frass is a pure organic fertiliser full of organic matter, chitin and minerals made from insect castings, sheddings and fibers. It restores and regenerates the soil and its micro-organisms, improves the plant's natural defenses and helps to produce nutritious, healthy crops.


Product Sheet



Fertilizer and Soil Conditioner

Home Garden:

250g per 1m2 into soil prior to planting and after seedlings have emerged. Use 15-20 ml per liter of potting mix.

Frequency: maximum once a week

Commercial Use:

Farms, Lawns, Gold Courses

Incorporate into soil if possible, use 2.5 tonnes per hectare (1.1 tons/acre)

Frequency: repeat after 8 weeks, maximum 3 times per season.

Appearance & Storage

Powdered brown to black, or pellets.

No foreign odour.

Stor in a cool, dry area.

Available in pp gunny bags, 50kg at packing.

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