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Making Insects
Work For 

Our Planet

Food Waste





Food Consumption



Why Insects

Insects are nature's primary recyclers. They break down waste biomass and in the process recapture and concentrate valuable nutrients such as proteins, oils, fiber and minerals. This also explains why insects form the foundation of the food chain. They are super nutritious and therefore in the natural diet of most farmed animals and pets. Leveraging insects' role in nature has the potential to break our produce-consume-dispose food system and create more circular and sustainable nutrient loops towards better, more natural and sustainable food.

Here at Protenga, we believe that innovation – especially in nutrition and sustainability, should be accessible; and that profit and purpose grow together. This is why we are re-thinking insect farming through our technology-driven circular ecosystem approach to democratise protein production in balance with nature.

Our Black Soldier Fly (BSF)

Based on our mission to make insects work towards more sustainable, circular food systems, Protenga is focused on building the most efficient systems and technology around the Black Soldier Fly. It is not a pest nor a vector, has the most versatile diet and is deliciously nutritious for animals and pets!

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Our Value

Chain Approach

Bold rethinking of insect farming to unleash the full potential of insects. We partner across the value chain to deliver the most impact with our decentralised Smart Insect Farm™, overcoming the cost and sustainability pitfalls of centralised mega insect factories. For your animal feed, for your waste biomass, making insects work for you.

Meet the Team

We are a fast-growing, ambitious, energetic and diverse team of technologists, farmers, scientists, engineers and business professionals. Our people, board, and advisors, are all committed to making insects work for you.


Our Goal

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) is the framework for the UN 2030 Agenda for "the people, planet, and prosperity". At Protenga, we want to see both people and planet healthier in 2030 and beyond.


These SDGs serve as a framework for our efforts towards sustainability through making insects work for you. Our insect products and technology addresses the food system, responsible consumption and production, climate action and we work in partnerships towards these goals.

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