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Making Insect
Farming Accessible

Smart Insect Farm solution to turn food waste into high-quality sustainable nutrition

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Turning Biomass and Waste to Value

Seedlings from Protenga

Protenga - Seedling.png
Full Farm Render.png

Your Smart Insect Farm

with Your Biomass

The Black Soldier Fly larvae seedlings come from Protenga's Breeding Centre, supplying fresh directly to your farm.

Fed with your rich and nutrient-dense biomass materials, insects can grow and thrive in the

Smart Insect Farm

Final Product Off-take by Protenga

Protenga - Larva.png

The clean harvested larvae and organic frass (fertiliser) can be utilised as high-value, high quality products or sold to Protenga in a sales-purchase agreement.

End to End Services
Making Insect Farming Work For You

Farming Data-Driven Insects since 2017, we have developed our own knowledge, expertise, and resources to design, build, and operate a Smart Insect Farm. Our years of experience across different feed materials allow us to provide you the custom solutions and services for quick and profitable operations set-up.


Key Features

The Smart Insect Farm was designed for accessibility, waste-to-nutrient efficiency, quality, and profit. Thoughtfully developed from material handling to electricity usage to manpower, we want to be your partner to maximise your food waste opportunity and take steps together for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Providing Solutions For:


Palm Plantation Owners

Vegetable Garden



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