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Making Insects
Work For
Your Pets


Hermet Protein for Pets

Protenga's Hermet Protein for Pets is a high-quality insect protein whole meal specifically designed for use in natural premium pet foods. It is produced by gently and minimally processing our sustainably farmed Black Soldier Fly larvae to retain their natural goodness.


We farm our own insects on a carefully selected, plant-based diet - creating a balanced nutritional profile, amino acid composition, palatability and hypo-allergenicity while ensuring full traceability and safety. This makes Hermet Protein for Pets ideally suited for pet food applications.

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CASE STUDY: Hermet Protein for Pets is among others used by our entovegan pet food brand YumGrubs. YumGrubs for Dogs boasts a market-leading insect protein inclusion (Hermet Protein for Pets of course) and sustainable local Asian ingredients, resulting in an extraordinarily sustainable, nutritionally balanced (AAFCO-compliant) formulation with demonstrated palatability and attractiveness for dogs. We tested and found that nine out of ten dogs preferred YumGrubs over their usual feed!


Help improve pets' diet, health and happiness while reducing their environmental pawprints with insect protein. Contact us to explore how Hermet Protein for Pets can add value to your insect pet-food formulation.


Hermet Protein for Pets and YumGrubs are registered with the Animal Feed Act under the Dept of Veterinary Malaysia and available for export and use in many regions worldwide. 

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Available in 25 kg bags

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Passionate customer success team ready to support you with product and formulation advice, and smooth export, logistics handling

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Product and export documentation available (e.g. Product Sheet, nutritional analysis, MSDS, etc.)


Meet Jazzy, our biggest fan

Advantages of
Hermet Protein for Pets

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Nutritional and Digestible - packed with natural nutrition and goodness that is more digestible than many common protein ingredients. High in protein, amino acids, minerals such as calcium and easily metabolizable fats - the nutrition in our Hermet Protein for pets is ready to support the health and happiness of pets.

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Biofunctional and Hypoallergenic - our Hermet Protein is rich in short-chain bioactive peptides, anti-microbial chitin and healthy medium-chain fatty acids. It can support skin and fur conditions, bone and joint function and the digestive health of pets and are suitable for sensitive dogs that need hypoallergenic diets.

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Palatable and attractive - dogs and other pets lick Hermet Protein clean; it's simply delicious and has zero compromise taste.

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Sustainable -  insect farming has a low environmental impact compared to all other common protein sources

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Reliable and Affordable - gone are the days of exorbitant prices, our insect protein is more affordable and available reliably to support your product applications.

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Traceable and Safe - we control all parts of the farming and production process and are able to provide detailed batch traceability, reliable supply and feed safety based on our GMP and HACCP program.

Application & Use

Hermet Protein for Pets is a protein meal that can be used seamlessly in standard pet food manufacturing processes for both dry kibbles extrusion as well as an ingredient in wet pet food preparations. It is suitable for dogs, cats, pet chicken, wild birds, rodents, reptiles & exotics, ornamental fish and more.


We can provide reliable supply and would be honoured to be the supply partner for your new insect-based pet food product launch or to support you to diversify and improve your supply chain for existing insect-based pet food products. Trial orders and small MOQs are welcome.

Contact us to explore how we can add value and support you in your mission to bring healthier and more sustainable pet food to your customers and their pets.

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Our team has extensive nutrition, formulation and marketing expertise as well as experience in processing and inclusion of our products in a wide variety of applications. And if you have a novel idea, we would be even more thrilled to explore it with you. Our team is committed to make insects work for you to create the most pioneering, natural and sustainable products.

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