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Happy International Women's Day 2022

From farming grubs to fixing bugs, to formulating feed, to ensuring quality, and to making sure our products can fly to our customers, these women play main, important roles at Protenga.

As we're shaping our company culture, we are mindful of our personal bias and prejudice that we acknowledge to exist as part of our upbringing and environment. Our work flexibility policy allows parents, especially mothers, to attend to their children when needed. We understand that new mothers who are returning to work are transitioning with balancing their new life as mothers, and we make sure to be able to support life and career growth.

Fearing backlash, women also tend to promote themselves less, speaking less of their achievements and thus appearing less confident altogether. This is prevalent, especially during hiring/interviews and during appraisal sessions. Protenga acknowledges this "gap" in women not as a problem about women themselves, but a problem with how women are generally viewed. We work hard to always question our own thoughts, and #BreakTheBias.

Happy International Women's Day!

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