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Insect Farming in a Children's Show

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

How is everybody doing? As animal feed is classified as an essential service, our farm has been allowed to continue operations at reduced capacity. Animal feed is indeed an important industry in the country as it ensures food security.

Which brings us to this video! A few months ago, we were invited by Illya Sumanto to bring Insect Farming in her children's show: How to Survive the Apocalypse. Illya's show explores do-it-yourselves for children just in case we'll ever need to survive after an apocalypse and in this episode, an alternative to feeding your animals.

While our situation right now is NOT an apocalypse, the educational series highlight many skills our children are not taught in school. It would be important to teach them the circular system of food, the importance of eating healthy and balanced (environmentally and nutritionally) so they consume with more conscience about their role in the ecosystem.

Times like these show the fragility of relying on global supply for feed and hence food. Insects as feed fly into the picture to support our food security. It is important now more than ever to find local solutions to animal feed.

Hope you enjoy the short show featuring our founder Leo!

Pictures from behind the scenes:

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