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Insect News & Other Interesting Reads (May - July 2023)

Post originally shared by Leo Wein, CEO & Founder of Protenga:

Insect News

  • “Insect Farms are Scaling Up—and Crossing the Atlantic—in a Play for Sustainable Protein” great coverage on the insect farming sector in CivilEats

  • An opinion piece about Insect farming and animal welfare (or ‘cruelty’ as this article puts it). It's an important topic and one where some strong opinions are held. While the obvious analogy here to other farmed animals and sentience is drawn, I would also suggest to evaluate this question under consideration of plant sentience, fungi sentience and microbe sentience as there's been some absolutely fascinating work about signalling pathways and communication in those kingdoms. At Protenga, we have formulated an insect welfare policy since 2019 (and it's here if you're curious)

  • published an 'Alternative Proteins' issue featuring many insect related articles (link here). For example, Charles from EntoFood (also in Malaysia) shared perspectives about Insect Oil as a promising ingredient (link)

  • A great article by Jane Byrne on "Aquaculture: Can we scale up novel feed raw materials in a sustainable way?" (Feednavigator); providing a good overview of the status, plans and current lags in adoption of alternative proteins and ingredients by the aquaculture industry. Recommended read. Especially the value chain collaborations mentioned are an important element of our strategy at Protenga to increase the adoption of insect proteins in aquafeeds. We are also looking forward to have new and comprehensive LCA data following the PEFCR guidelines by next year from our next Smart Insect Farm to underline the sustainability of our production model with real-time monitored data.

Read on for Insect Research Articles, Insect Pet Food News and more via Leo's Linkedin Newsletter.

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