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Insects are Palatable for Pets

Sustainable & Irresistible: Insects as a specialty ingredient for pets and aquaculture.

We all know our pet's excitement at the mere sound of a wet food pouch being torn open or the jingle of kibble in a bowl. It’s almost instinctual: before diving in, pets always take a good sniff to evaluate their meal. This initial sniff is crucial; it’s the primary way pets determine if the food is to their liking, often setting the stage for how enthusiastically they’ll eat. For dogs, it’s usually a quick gobble-down if it passes the test, while cats might take a more delicate nibble, but both rely on that first whiff to judge their food.

The first scents that come to mind from these packs are often meaty or fishy notes, varying slightly from one variant to another. The key ingredient that contributes to these alluring aromas is a special flavor enhancer known as palatants, typically derived from byproducts of the animal farming industry. Palatants are meticulously designed to elevate the aroma and flavor of pet food, even when used in minimal quantities. They are usually added during the final processing step in an oil base, similar to how we use condiments to add that extra "oomph" to our meals.

At Protenga, our small but mighty team of R&D experts embarked on an exciting journey to hack the taste buds of pets and aquaculture animals. Through thorough research and rigorous testing methods, we developed a specialty ingredient that not only enhances appetite but also ensures a thoroughly satisfying mealtime experience.

Using a range of common testing methods, including sensory evaluations and feeding trials, we meticulously studied the impact of our insect-based palatants on pet and aquaculture diets. The benefits of adding palatants to pet food are immense, from increasing palatability and feed consumption to enhancing the overall nutritional profile of the diet. Insects, being rich in proteins and essential nutrients, play a crucial role in this innovation. They provide a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional animal-based palatants, contributing to a greener future for the pet food industry. With our insect-based solutions, we are not just improving pet food; we are pioneering a sustainable revolution in animal nutrition.

For more information about our specialty ingredients for your pets & aquaculture animals, visit our website our contact us directly at [email protected]

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