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Meet our Team: Atif Nabil

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Protenga is developing our Smart Insect Farm systems that will enable biomass and agricultural waste management in regional clusters effectively - allowing temperature and environmental controls, traceability, driving reliable and live data of the farms.

To do this, we went on a global quest to find someone who has the same desire for a more sustainable world and wants to contribute to successfully building the Smart Insect Farm system. Ideally, he/she is someone with the mind of an engineer, has the senses for biology and understands our business. After putting searching across various platforms, we found the one!

Introducing Atif Nabil, who is leading the Engineering and IOT of Protenga. He joined us late last year remotely and is currently working on-site handling all our engineering matters.

Graduated with a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering at NIT Trichy with a Masters in Software Systems at BITS Pilani, Atif's growing career spans 8 years of experience. Atif has diverse experience working in Optical Electronics Manufacturing, Defense & Industrial Robotics, and Solar-based Agritech industries. We're proud that he has chosen to add insects to his portfolio!

We had a chat with Atif and here's what he has to say about his experience here:

Q: Tell us about your role in Protenga

Atif: I'm creating a scalable model of a data-driven Smart Insect Farm to leverage the power of insects for a sustainable food chain.

Q: Awesome. What do you enjoy most about your work here?

Atif: Working with teams from different expertise - one meeting with mechanical designers, then with full-stack software developers, and I enjoy working with everything mechatronics!

Q: How did you come across Protenga, and why Protenga?

Atif: Using tech to improve human lives and the environment have always attracted me. I stumbled upon Protenga over the internet and their vision and concept of a distributed smart insect farming model intrigued my curiosity. I had a series of interaction with Leo (founder and CEO) and few other lead members of the organization to further learn about the organization, and I wanted to know more. To me, the phrase "Making Insects Work For You", opens up a lot of possibilities, an implementation of tech to convert those possibilities into a reality.

Q: Right now in Protenga, what is your goal?

Atif: I want to create a team of sharp and passionate engineers working towards developing a blueprint of scalable Smart Insect Farm. In the long run, I would like to contribute to training tech leaders in different engineering verticals, innovating and improving our distributed farms worldwide.

Q: Last question! As you want to grow your team, what characteristics do you find important in your team member?

Atif: Passionate, curious and creative problem solvers.

Atif leads the "Smart" in our "Smart Insect Farm". We'll be sharing our employee stories periodically. Follow or subscribe to us for more updates!

Do you want to join our team? Check out our Careers Page for more information:

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