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Protenga in the Press - March 2022

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

We’re onboard building our next generation farms and our pet food facility to disrupt the food system and feed pets better food. If you want to also play a part in this mission, join us!

If you’re curious about our Smart Insect Farm and our proprietary InsectOS that captures 600,000 data points across our facilities daily, read on in our great interview with

Feed Navigator wrote about our next generation farms as well as our breeding centre, with our turnkey technology and genetic development in our ongoing partnership with Roslin Technologies, our lead investor in our seed round. We would be able to capture more waste streams and produce high quality protein with improved performance of our Black Soldier Flies.

Diving into insect pet food topics, Pet Food Industry also interviewed us on YumGrubs, our pet food brand which we are actively developing and working hard to serve to your dogs - stay tuned!

Thank you to all the press for sharing our news!

Making Insects Work For You,

Team Protenga

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