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Smart Insect Farm with Seedling Supply Guarantee

Protenga Smart Insect Farm BSF Seedling Larvae

As a biomass owner, you might be well aware of the immense potential Black Soldier Flies (BSF) hold in transforming farm waste into valuable resources, all while promoting profitability and sustainability. However, diving into insect farming might seem daunting, especially considering the time and resources required to build up expertise to navigate the inter-disciplinary challenges.

When we built the Smart Insect Farm, we understand the challenges biomass owners face in practically harnessing the benefits of BSF. Hence, our solution simplifies Insect Farming for you.

As Black Soldier Fly farmers and technology producers, our expertise includes breeding high-quality BSF seedling larvae, eliminating the need for you understand the complexities of BSF breeding yourself. In your Smart Insect Farm package, you will also get:

  1. Seedling Supply Guarantee: We will supply to you seedling larvae to simply feed into the Smart Insect Farm, allowing you to focus on running your core business.

  2. Training and Service: Our team of passionate experts will provide comprehensive training on feeding techniques, maintenance, quality, safety and best practices for BSF farming, ensuring the success of your farm.

  3. High Quality Insect Frass for Soil Fertility: Our approach aligns with sustainable farming practices, contributing to environmental conservation and resource efficiency. The byproduct of insect farming, the insect frass, is suitable to be used as a soil conditioner or fertiliser.

  4. Buy-Back Guarantee of the Larvae produced: Rest assured, you won't need to worry about marketing the larvae produced. We offer a buy-back guarantee, providing a hassle-free solution for managing your larvae production.

Confidently embrace our Smart Insect Farm technology as a profitable and sustainable solution for your biomass. Protenga is Making Insects Work for You. Contact us at [email protected] for more details.

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