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Protenga 2022: Sustainable Pet Food Made From Insects

We’re building natural, healthy, and affordable dog food that doesn’t cost our Planet. Read on what our CEO, Leo Wein has to share about YumGrubs, our pet food in an interview with Delivery Rank recently.

An excerpt from the interview:

How does the price compare to standard pet food?

Often environmentally friendly products aren’t that sustainable for your pocket. When we say we want to make pet food radically more sustainable, we don't want to do that just for that 1% of super-premium dog owners, but for the mainstream. That means that our overall product offering has to be sustainable for the planet and economically affordable as a daily diet choice for pet owners.

The exciting thing is that we’re able to do that with our farming system that sits at the back of it. We’re not just a brand, we’re a farmer and primary producer. Buying from us is no different from buying from your local farmers’ market. Essentially that’s what we do and we can translate that into economics as well.

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