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Yumgrubs at Interzoo - World’s Leading Trade Fair for the Pets Industry in 2022

Our pet food brand, yumgrubs, made its first global presence at Interzoo, the world’s leading trade fair for the pet industry in Germany.

Interzoo was a great opportunity to be introduced to pet food retailers, manufacturers, and not mentioning new customers gained.

Protenga also offers OEM/white label pet food manufacturing to existing and emerging brands to have their own insect-protein pet food offering in their products line-up. Our direct farm-to-fork approach truly allows traceability and sustainability in pet food, managed by our Smart Insect Farm insectOS, producing Clean Proteins by Protenga, allowing consumers a peace of mind in reducing their pet’s environmental pawprints.

Highlights of the event include winning 3rd place at the Fresh Ideas Competition, a signal of more acceptance to insect protein pet food. Our CEO, Leo Wein, shared insights also at a thought leadership talk - here’s recordings of the talk and the pitch at Fresh Ideas.

Thought Leadership:

Fresh Ideas Competition - we won 3rd!

Find out more about Protenga’s OEM insect-based pet food offering by speaking to our friendly and knowledgeable team: [email protected]

Curious what your dog thinks? Try yumgrubs!

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