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Yumgrubs sold out at Malaysia’s Largest Pet Expo 2022!

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Our pet food brand, yumgrubs, recently launched Southeast Asia’s first insect-based wet pet food for dogs at Malaysia’s Largest Pet Expo in Kuala Lumpur.

The dog food, Farmer’s Garden Paté, garnered lots of attention in bright, happy yellow theme and were sold out during that event. It had also attracted international media, with a TV Producer for NHK Global (Japan) attending it to capture footage of the booth.

The team went home with big smiles and satisfaction for a first successful event, and also insights as they had also collected feedback from over 200 pet owners to understand consumer (owner & pet!) behaviour, needs, and pain points. The information obtained is crucial to us as we introduce insects, a novel protein to pet owners and their pets.

Protenga has the opportunity to produce pet food made of fresh insects with our direct farm-to-pouch (or fork) approach, reducing electrical energy requirements, less transport and logistics, making the sustainability of insect protein even more tangible.

Farmer’s Garden Paté is made of fresh insects, fresh vegetables from the local market and beneficial herbs, gently cooked to preserve nutrients and other goodness.

We’ll be sharing about the NHK feature coverage when it comes out - stay tuned!

Meanwhile, consumers may buy yumgrubs here:

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