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Protenga in the Press - January 2023

Updated: Feb 1

We started the new year of 2023 welcoming our new investor, The Yield Lab Asia Pacific as one of our supporters who follow our mission in Making Insects Work for You.

Going into our Milestones, Pet Food portfolio, Aquafeed formulations and Market Access, Feed Navigator asked us the right questions in this interview!

Diving into how insects can valorise agricultural waste and byproducts thus closing the gap in the food system, Food Ingredients First talked to us about how we can drive impact with our Smart Insect Farms.

Pet Food Industry also talked to us about our plans to launch your own insect-based pet food.

Thank you to all the press for sharing our news!

  1. Eco-Business

  2. The Fish Site

  3. Aquafeed

  4. Feed Navigator

  5. Feed and Additive

  6. Asian Poultry Magazine

  7. AgTech Daily

  8. Food Ingredients First

  9. Nutrition Insight

  10. Pet Food Industry

  11. iGrow News

  12. Pet Food Industry (interview)

Making Insects Work For You,

Team Protenga

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