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Protenga’s new brand identity: Making Insects Work For You

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Since 2016, Protenga has embarked on an exciting journey to realize the potential of insects towards a more sustainable and circular food system. It is our ambition to develop innovative technology that leverages the ability of insects to convert food waste and by-products into high-quality insect protein, oil and fertilizer both locally and at scale. It is our belief that a value chain approach is needed to drive the necessary change towards more circular nutrient flows in our food system. This has guided the development of our decentralized Smart Insect Farm supported by cutting-edge breeding and genetics work as well as value-added downstream processing.

In line with our new fundraising, the rapid growth of our team and production and the industrialization of our technology, we are proud to announce a revamped brand identity for Protenga that we believe encapsulates the essence of our mission and ambition towards our customers:

Protenga: Making Insects Work For You

Making insects work for your biomass and food waste.

Making insects work for your aquaculture, animals, pets and crops.

Making insects work for the planet and a more sustainable food system.

Our tagline - Making Insects Work For You represents our ambition to make insect innovation accessible and profitable to our customers and partners. We deliver value to biomass and food waste owners with our insect technology and more value to farmers, feed and pet food manufacturers with our insect products. The new tagline reflects our customer centricity, and helping them access innovation in a worry-free way, especially since this innovation helps build a more sustainable economy and food system. By Making Insects Work For You, we want to help our customers fulfil society's growing aspirations of balancing profit and purpose.

Our logo - Representing this bold, positive and ambitious outlook for the future, we have also given our logo a new, fresh look with cleaner, brighter colours and a unique, playful and organic font (can you spot the two insect wings?). Our logo icon itself has been refreshed with a more friendly, accessible feel, while retaining the core narrative as our foundation and compass. Protenga means “Have Protein” and the “P” in our logo is shaped as the result of breaking a line (a linear food system) into a circular loop by focusing on aquaculture (blue), plants & crops (green) and pets & livestock (orange).

Our Website - The launch of our brand new website captures our unique ambition in harmonising nature and technology in our products and solutions in a bold, simple and accessible manner. The new website is easier to navigate, provides clear information and balances science (hexagons) and the circular economy (circles) in a visually unique and clean design.

Many thanks to our brand strategy advisor, Lynette Wong, Jonas Eichhorst, and the design team at Heapnuts for distilling the essence in bold words and vibrant visual design.

Yours truly,

The Protenga Team

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